LIC Expertise and Certification Engineering of smart Cards, Mobiles and IoT

LIC activity

  • Technical Expertise
  • Design, specification, implementation and follow up of certification tests
  • Independent Consultancy besides Digital Services Authorities

LIC technical scope & skills

  • Internet of Things
  • Contact Smart Cards
  • Contactless smart cards
  • Mobiles
  • Terminals
  • NFC
  • RFID


  • Banking / Payment / EMV,
  • Telecom,
  • E-Ticketing,
  • Public Health,
  • E-Gov

LIC added value

Payment Objects, namely Smart Cards, NFC, mobiles … represent an expanding revolution in proximity systems. Beyond their technical skills, LIC’s Engineers contribute in building certification schemes based on these technologies, overcoming their enormous potential.

LIC’s Engineers do integrate methods, tools and labs towards success.

LIC detailed activities

  • Audit, Technical Expertise, namely technical design, support, analysis, solutions proposals, trainings, presentations, contribution to the edition of the specifications, …
  • Certification Schemes Elaboration (Approval test Documents and Methodologies)
  • Certification Schemes Maintenance and Update (test documents and methodologies)
  • Certification Tools and Scripts Qualification Assessment (including definition and analysis of the Qualification Process)
  • Portable Objects Conformance and Interoperability Assessment
  • Restricted Approval Renewal Reviews

Dedicated references

EMVCo, MasterCard Worldwide, NFC Forum, Calypso Network Association, Ile de France Mobility, ARINC, Dura Automotive

Business contact

Eric NIZARD (Director)

Tél : + 33 1 46 62 91 00 – Email:

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